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Sugawara Mountain Sozenji Temple

It is a temple of the Soto sect of Buddhist priests who enshrines Buddhist Minami-no-Shakyamuni Buddhism and whose mountain name is Kangensan.
In 1349 (5th year of Sadakazu), it was erected as a temple temple of Eikoji Temple (currently Sakai Town, Hakui City) by Master Akemine Zentsuzen (Kaga Daijoji III, Hakui Eikoji II). After that, it had been aborted about 300 years after the occupation of the second generation priest, but it was revived in 1648 (King's first year) by Kuga Kunara Yamatosho in the present place of Gourd Town. The main hall that enshrines the Buddhist Buddha of Nannon Shakyamuni Buddhism was originally used as the main hall of the Jodo Soshinrensha (Yamauemachi, Kanazawa City), but since it was relocated in 1637, it became a vacant temple. The main hall of Sozenji Temple.

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